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    31°09’59.6”N 35°26’51.8”E
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    scenery warm ups from twitter !!!

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    "Venus", oil on board, 10 x 8 in.

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  5. shoots.matthewlawless.com
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    Prolaz, project about the continuous change experienced in the Balkans over the last years. It’s about the complexity of the human condition during the region’s transition toward democracy. It’s a personal view on the tension and the contradiction occurring here.

    I started my journey in 2004 from Istanbul, I decided to start from Turkey, to capture the influence of Ottoman Empire in the Balkans.
    And continue in subsequent years in different cities and surroundings from Albania, Bosnia, Bucharest, Croatia, Hezegovina, Kosovo, Istanbul, Macedonia, Montenegro, Sofia, Serbia, Skopje, Thessaloniki.

    — Fabio Sgroi

    A land of unsure boundaries, where opposites both attract and repel each other. The last decade has violently changed the physical and psychological dimension of these towns, evolving them into a nationalist drama and perhaps the conclusion of an irreversible sense of their own being. Nevertheless, there are vibrant feelings of hope and fear, stemming from the people’s conflicting sense of their cultural heritage.

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    This is literally a Tumblr classroom.



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    Everyone knows a teacher’s day is never really over, but photographer Aliza Eliazarov wanted to capture that moment as soon as the last bell has rung. 

    In “See Me After School,” Aliza uses the power of portraiture to show the immense value of the educators around us.

    Powerful Portraits of Teachers After the Final Bell

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    make me choose → remus or sirius

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    Silena Lambertini (Italy)

    Silena Lambertini is a self-taught photographer based in Italy who creates amazing landscape photographs. With some post processing involved, the mystic light leaves a trail of the total silence.

    © All images courtesy the artist

    [more Silena Lambertini | artist found at A Lifetime Photography]

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    City of Kentwood, Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Chad Ress